United Utilities most improved utility in the UK

People are the most important asset in any company and at United Utilities the vast majority of its people are not just employees, they also form part of the company’s 7 million customer base.

During National Customer Service Week, Rona Rommel head of customer services at United Utilities reflects on the journey the company has been on to improve customer service and how empowering its people to deliver a great service has culminated in being awarded the Institute of Customer Services (UKCSI) ServiceMark – with distinction. 

“The focus and drive to deliver great customer service is relentless.  We have to be curious.  Why are customers dissatisfied and also why are they satisfied? We constantly look at innovation, what can we do differently?

“We’ve found on our journey the importance of engaging with our employees. The vast majority of our employees live in the North West and in turn the service we provide is vital to them getting on with their daily life.

“This engagement has had some fantastic results.  Many of the improvements in service have come through changes in process and policies suggested by our employees.”

This improvement has been echoed by the UKCSI, which has recognised United Utilities as the most improved utility in the UK and the fifth most improved brand across the country, from 247 companies, including big names such as Amazon and John Lewis.

There are only 14 other companies in the country who have a distinction.

The company also points at the introduction of The WOW! Awards, as another key element in helping to drive a really strong customer service culture throughout the whole business.

“Over the six years being involved with The WOW! Awards, 26,000 customers have taken part and hearing the fantastic feedback is wonderful.  When customers tell us what we have done right, it really motivates and encourages us to do more.

“On average each month we receive direct feedback from over 500 customers. This feedback is full of sentiment and emotion and it really enforces our strategic values” added Rona