United Utilities investing £17.7m to build new Wastewater Treatment Works in Forton

A multi-million-pound project to build a new Wastewater Treatment Works and upgrade the wastewater network in Forton, near Lancaster, is progressing well.

The £17.7m development has been designed to cope with recent and future population in growth in the area as well as dealing with the frequent sharp upturns in demand created by tourists visiting the nearby motorway services during busy holiday periods.

When operational in autumn 2024, the new Wastewater Treatment Works will play an important role in improving water quality in Potters Brook which runs into the River Cocker and out into Morecambe Bay

Senior Project Manager Ian Tomlinson explained: “We are building a brand new Wastewater Treatment Works adjacent to the existing facility. It will feature new, enhanced treatment methods which will reduce levels of phosphorous and in turn improve the quality of the water that is released back into nearby Potters Brook.

“It will also have an increased capacity meaning it will treat a greater volume of wastewater more quickly.”

Work is also being carried out to upgrade the sewer network in the area through the introduction of a new larger pipeline. This work is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Once complete, the area will be landscaped.

Ian added: “There has already been population growth in the Forton area and more is expected, by building a brand new wastewater treatment works and increasing sewer capacity we’re ensuring the local network is equipped to deal with this. It will also improve water quality in the River Cocker and Morecambe Bay.

“We know that these large projects can bring inconvenience and we are very grateful to the ongoing patience of the people of Forton.”