United Utilities brings winter cheer to Warrington’s elderly

Forget tea and sympathy, United Utilities will be dishing out tea and winter warmth tips when employees take part in a charity event in Warrington this weekend.

Staff from the water firm are going along to Springfields Medical Centre, Legh Street on Sunday 9 February 2020 to take part in an afternoon tea event run by Re-engage, a national charity tackling isolation among older people.

During the afternoon United Utilities’ employees will be handing out homemade cake and helpful tips on how to keep homes protected from the cold and prevent the misery of frozen pipes including:

• Lagging pipes both inside and outside your house so they’re less likely to freeze.
• Finding and labelling your stop tap and making sure it works - so you know where to turn the water off in the event of a burst.
• Keeping snug with the heating on low, even if you’re not in, to help prevent pipes from freezing.
• Keeping the number of a good plumber handy, just in case.

Its partnership with Re-engage is part of United Utilities’ Winter Wise campaign and Sunday’s afternoon tea is one of a series of visits water company staff will be making to similar events in the region to spread the word about how to make homes winter ready.

Meryl Davies, CEO of Re-engage, said: “Winter can be physically challenging for older people.

“Many of our older guests are bereaved and have found that their support networks have diminished as they’ve aged.

“Particularly at this difficult time of the year, our aim is that all older people should have opportunities for friendship and companionship and someone to look out for them in their community.”
Rose Francis, campaigns manager at United Utilities, said: “Frozen pipes can lead to a lot of misery and household expense, so we are working hard to help advise people on how to best prepare for a bout of cold weather so they can protect their home.

“As well as encouraging homeowners to be Winter Wise in their own homes, we also hope to spread warmth in other ways through our Re-engage partnership by getting involved in the great work they do and helping them to recruit more volunteers.

“We’re also encouraging the public as a whole to check on any vulnerable neighbours they may have during cold snaps.

“Frozen pipes are something people need to think about in the winter, but isolation is something that affects people – particularly the elderly - throughout the year. Volunteering at charities like Re-engage can really make a difference to a person’s life.”

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer can contact Re-engage on 0800716543 or e-mail info@reeengage.org.uk.