Save water and help raise cash for East Lancashire Hospice

People in Blackburn are being offered the chance to help raise thousands of pounds for a charity close to the town’s heart – just by using a bit less water a day.

Water company United Utilities hopes an innovative new social media campaign will not just encourage people to adopt simple everyday steps to lead a more water efficient lifestyle.

It could raise up to £25,000 for the East Lancashire Hospice.

As people living in and around Blackburn save water, a fund raising totaliser on the company’s website will go up and up.

And if successful the campaign could be replicated in other parts of the North West.

United Utilities’ customer director Lou Beardmore, said saving water was a good idea whatever the time of year, but was especially important in summer, when the weather was drier.

“We are trying to find the best way to encourage people to be more water efficient and help them save water around the home and garden. People tend to come together to support a local cause, so we’re hoping that raising money for the East Lancashire Hospice, which provides an invaluable service and support to the community at large, will really inspire people. It could also help us with future strategies to encourage more water efficient behaviours in general,” she said.

If Blackburn can save 100 million litres over three months – about 10 litres per person, per day - United Utilities will donate £25,000 to the hospice.

Progress will be monitored using United Utilities’ demand tracking systems and data from meters installed on its network of pipes in the town.

The average person uses 141 litres of water a day, so if everyone used just 10 litres a day less experts think the town could hit the target in just three months. Customers can easily meet this target by simply turning off the tap when brushing their teeth. Swapping the hosepipe for a watering can or having a shower instead of a bath are also good ways to do it.

“We really want people to get behind the campaign by sharing it, looking what they can do at home or in their own organisations to use a little less water each day and, of course help hit our target and support the hospice,” said Lou.

East Lancashire Hospice Income Generation Lead Sharon Crymble said everyone at the organisation was thrilled with the idea, and hoped its own supporter network would mobilise to get groups and individuals across Blackburn to join the community effort.

“This is great news for the hospice and we’re absolutely thrilled to hear we have been chosen to receive the money that people help raise. Although we’re in Blackburn we care for people in s Darwen, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley in the hospice or in their own homes.

“About three quarters of our funding comes from charitable donations so we really need people to help us by helping themselves. Every little bit makes a difference. We’ll be saving water at the hospice and I am sure our supporters will get behind the campaign too”

From Monday June 8, people using social media will be encouraged to share regular updates and the things they are doing to save water – photos or videos for example.

Keep checking the webpage to check progress.