North West water worker makes a princess-ly sum for the NHS

A Disney-mad water worker is raising thousands for the NHS as part of a jogging phenomenon which has put Stockport on the media world stage.

Jordan Harmston, 26, runs the streets in her Cinderella dress and tiara as one of the Stockport Spidermen – a collection of individuals who’ve teamed up to spread happiness in lockdown.

Jordan’s day job is scheduling new water connections for Network Plus, working exclusively on their United Utilities contract in the North West.

“I had a Cinderella dress hanging in my wardrobe from my 21st birthday party, which was Disney-themed. I came across a Facebook page called Stockport spider men, this was set up by a guy called Jason who owns a martial arts company in Stockport.

“He was putting his 1 hour daily exercise to good use by running miles dressed as spider-man for the children. So I thought I’d put my Cinderella dress to good use again and join in the fun!

“I messaged Jason to ask him if I could do the same in my area, to which he said yes! We now have our own ‘Super hero’ WhatsApp group with about 40 of us going about different areas.

“The page has nearly 10,000 members, and has raised more than £31,000 for the NHS. We have been in USA news, Brazil News, Germany News, Good Morning Britain and also just been contacted by pride of Britain!,” she said.

“I have sent lots of birthday messages to children all over due to their celebrations being cancelled, and make videos on request, including one for Stockport Council’s fostering team as they’re also feeling the impact.”

To contribute to the Stockport Spidermen’s fund-raising, visit their JustGiving page: