North West water bills to fall

The cost of spending a penny and making a brew in the North West is set to fall from 1st April 2020.

United Utilities is cutting water bills by more than 5 per cent.  The average yearly household water bill will drop by £23 from £443 in 2019/20 to £420 in 2020/21.

Customer Service Director Louise Beardmore explained: “We never forget that while it’s our job to deliver an essential public service to our customers, we also have to deliver great value for money.

“We might be cutting bills but we certainly won’t be compromising on service. We’ll still deliver clean water straight to your home and take away all the wastewater – all for less than half a pence a litre and that’s without a single plastic bottle in sight.

“With half of the UK’s most deprived towns here in the North West we know how important it is to keep our bills affordable.  We are always here to listen and talk to our customers, so if anyone has money worries when their bill lands we would urge them to get in touch.”

United Utilities plans to cut water bills by 10.5 per cent by 2025 while investing £3 billion in water and wastewater services. It forms part of the company’s new five year business plan agreed with regulator Ofwat.