Leigh pupils go round the u-bend into the secret world of sewers

Pupils from Christ Church C of E Primary School in Leigh went round the u-bend to get an insight into the secret-life of sewers with a little help from some ‘mad scientists’.

Throughout the day, the whole school took part in a series of fun interactive workshops to learn more about how the sewer system works – and how problems can arise when wet wipes and fatty food waste is put down the drain.

The visit was organised by United Utilities to help share their ‘Stop the Block’ messages following an increase in sewer blockages in the WN7 postcode area.

During the past year, more than 200 blockages have been caused by either wet wipes or a build-up of fats and greases in the drains.

Lauren Kelly from United Utilities explained: “Teaching children the science behind the blockages and what happens when wet wipes or cooking fat is flushed down the drain is a great way to spread the ‘Stop the Block’ message.“

Throughout the day, children conducted experiments and saw for themselves that wet wipes don’t break down when they are flushed, and how fats congeal into lumps which block pipes.

Deputy Head Teacher Clair Gornall said: “It was great for the children to see first-hand what happens underground when they flush things down the toilet that they shouldn’t.

“We have had problems in the past with blocked pipes when paper towels have been put down the toilets, but hopefully the children will now understand why it is so important not to do this.”