Garstang water buttCommunity volunteers from Garstang in Bloom are celebrating the donation of a large new water butt to Garstang’s Memory Café garden. The Mayor of Garstang, Cllr Alan Pearson (and chair of Garstang in Bloom) met with volunteers and the team from United Utilities who provided and installed the water butt in the safe community space for people with dementia, and their families.

The water-savvy gardeners have incorporated a range of efficiency measures including some raised planters with a mix of some water retaining plant crystals in the soil and a top layer of mulch to reduce the need to water the flowers as often.

Peter Ryder, trustee & treasurer said: “We had a small water butt installed, but with the new addition we’ll be able to save even more water, you can never save too much especially with the unpredictable weather. This will enable us to keep our plants well-watered during the inevitable dry spells. A big thankyou to United Utilities, particularly Iain Pilling, for supporting the Memory Café and garden by donating and installing a large water butt for the Memory Café Garden which they linked up to our existing small water butt.  We would also like to thank our Mayor and Chair of the Bloomers for coming along to lend a hand.”