Craig helps shoppers get pipes winter ready

Shoppers in Manchester’s Arndale Centre got some surprise free DIY advice from ex-Big Brother winner Craig Phillips.  

The TV celebrity and DIY expert has teamed up with United Utilities to give demonstrations on the best way to protect water pipes during the colder months.

And the pipe-lagging advice comes just in time – with temperatures plummeting below zero this week.

Lagging (insulating) water pipes protects them from freezing. When water freezes it expands and can split pipes, which then leak when the water thaws. If that happens inside your house it can cause a real mess and costly repairs.

It ties in with the water company’s annual Winter Wise campaign to help people prepare themselves for winter and is especially timely in the run up to Christmas as people leave their homes empty and can sometimes suffer from frozen or burst pipes when they’re away, not discovering the problem until they get back.

United Utilities campaigns manager Rose Francis said: “In the vast majority of cases, it’s the householder’s own pipes which are affected, not the large water mains underground, so all we can do is give advice to customers when they call.

“We’re really pleased to have Craig on board. He’s showing how simple it is to do this one job now, rather than risk a whole host of horrible jobs in the aftermath of a flood.”

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