Coniston pupils take a peep into the underground world of sewers

Pupils from Coniston CE Primary School got an insight into the hidden life of sewers with the help of some ‘mad scientists’.

Pupils created their own ‘grime scene’ and went round the u-bend when they took part in a series of fun interactive workshops to learn more about how the sewer system works.

The visit was organised by United Utilities and it also gave pupils the chance to learn more about the problems that can arise when wet wipes and fatty food waste is put down the drain.

UU Mad Science Coniston.jpg

Sharma Jencitis from United Utilities explained: “Teaching children the science behind blockages and the problems that are created in the home, in the wider sewer network and out in the streets when wet wipes or cooking fat is flushed down the drain is a great way to spread our ‘Stop the Block’ message and teach youngsters that only the three Ps – pee, poo and paper – should be flushed down the loo.”.

Children worked with the Mad Scientists to conduct experiments and see for themselves that wet wipes don’t break down when they are flushed, and how fats congeal into lumps which block pipes.

Class Teacher Nicola Blackburn said: “The children absolutely loved it, the experiments were a lot of fun but with an important lesson behind them. It was great for them to see first-hand what happens underground when they flush things down the toilet that should be put in the bin.