Changes to sewer adoptions are coming soon

On 01 April 2020, Ofwat is introducing a standard practice for water companies to follow for the adoption of newly constructed sewers.

The new practice, also known as the codes for adoption, creates the same set of design standards across England that all water companies need to adhere to. The aim of the new practice is to drive efficiency and effectiveness of the sewer adoption process which will reduce the time and costs incurred by all parties entering into sewer adoption agreements. 

The main change for developers is the information we need from you to process your application. So, we have new application forms and guides which will be available on our website from 01 April 2020.

There will be a transition period of six months to move from the old standard to the new one where applications can be designed to either standard. 

Further information on the new codes, how to apply and the transition period is available on our website

Full details on the new process are outlined in the Water UK’s new Sewer Sector Guidance (SSG) which will be replacing the ‘Sewers for Adoption’ guidance.