100,000 Customers say, “Thank you”

Nicola Trevor was given excellent service by Sue King at United Utilities. “Sue was ever so helpful, a real asset to your company. She replied to my email regarding a possible issue with a sewage pipe running through our proposed property. Sue really put our minds at rest and gave us outstanding service. Brilliant!!”

Nicola is the 100,000th customer who has been able to thank a service provider through a nomination process at The WOW! Awards, a project started by Derek Williams. “We have discovered that customers love to praise good service,” says Williams. “This has really taken off and we now receive over 2,000 customer nominations every month.”

The Team at The WOW! Awards read and judge all the nominations and issue certificates of recognition each month for the best stories. The best of the best are invited to attend a red-carpet awards ceremony in London, now in its 10th year.

“Our people love this recognition!” says Louise Beardmore, Customer Service Director at United Utilities. “When customers tell us what we have done right, it really encourages us to do more. These nominations have helped us to drive a really strong customer service culture throughout the whole business.”

Having started in the UK, The WOW! Awards is now helping customers in Europe, Australia and Bermuda with both public and private sector organisations. “This success is all down to giving people pride in their work.” says Williams. “This is a significant factor in improving employee engagement and customer service. This is great for the employees, great for the customers and great for those companies!” adds Williams.