Reaching new heights with Altitude Thinking

Meet Altitude Thinking, one of the suppliers joining our Innovation Lab

Could you tell us how you found out about the Innovation Lab and why you decided to pitch your idea?

The Innovation Lab was recommended to me by a few organisations in the water sector but not related to United Utilities. I decided to pitch my idea because it was a new concept that had been floating about the water sector for a while but had not been capitalised on so I took decided to make it mine and validate the solution

In simple terms, could you please summarise what your idea is for the lab?

The idea that I’m working on is providing a service to collect water samples from inaccessible areas on reservoirs using a series of drones. The drones collect water samples, both from a surface and depth sampling perspective.

What is the ultimate benefit your idea will bring to water customers in the North West?

Providing customers with more information on water quality status within the reservoirs that supply water to their homes or businesses.

How are you hoping to develop your idea through the Innovation Lab?

I am hoping to build a robust foundation of drones that will be able to collect water samples regardless of the weather.

How important do you think programmes like the Innovation Lab are for developing ideas?

The Innovation Lab is critical for developing ideas because you are working with the people in charge of the department that understands the needs of the company. This information is very important for continuous development.

What does innovation mean to you in three words?

Learning, creativity, listening. 

If you fast forward two years from now, where do you see your product?

I see my service embedded within different water companies and expanding the range of the drone to collect other environmental samples that are currently inaccessible.