HWM’s hoping to help us detect and reduce blockages

Meet HWM, one of the suppliers joining our Innovation Lab.

Could you tell us how you found out about the Innovation Lab and why you decided to pitch your idea? 

HWM decided to pitch this idea as it provides a clear opportunity to collaborate on a new product concept.

In simple terms, could you please summarise what your product does?

Our idea helps water companies effectively manage their wastewater networks and prevent spillage events by remotely detecting blockages before they develop into spill events. It does this by detecting changes in the acoustic performance of exterior waste pipes (‘soil stacks’) on domestic and commercial properties that indicate blockages.

What is the ultimate benefit your idea will bring to water customers in the North West?

The ability to remotely detect and address waste water blockages before they become customer problems at low cost. Improvements to United Utilities, KPI and customer satisfaction.

How are you hoping to develop your idea through the Innovation Lab?

We’re hoping to do this through field trials of prototype product on target locations and simulated blockage events, analysis of the results and tuning of product performance and/or product usage instructions as required.

How important do you think programmes like the Innovation Lab are for developing ideas?

Extremely important as they provide unique insights into the challenges that water companies face and invaluable proving of the product in real world situations.

What does innovation mean to you in three words?

Changing the world.

If you fast forward two years from now, where do you see your product?

Everywhere! Seriously though helping United Utilities to effectively proactively manage their domestic sewer networks and in doing so improve the quality of life for their customers.