Wat’er way to start Celebrity Big Brother 2016

By Sean Robinson @SeanRobinsonUU

As the contestants for this year’s Celebrity Big Brother pour into the house, it seems all they wanted was a drink, but cruel Big Brother had a twist, everything from the beds to the kitchen to the pool had been locked away in crates.

16 celebrities entered the vaudeville-themed house, which Channel 5 host Emma Willis called "essentially a warehouse" at this stage.

Gemma Collins was the first star to enter as the latest series kicked off. The 34-year-old looked shocked, as Willis revealed the contestants will have to work to get their home comforts.

She was swiftly joined by John Partridge, who played Christian Clarke in EastEnders.

The pair immediately looked for a drink, but were thwarted by the boxed-up luxuries.

All that the big man of the House was splashing was good old ‘council-tap’ wholesome water, jugs of the stuff, litres, free flowing and as much as you could drink.

Big Brother gets a big thumbs-up from the Watermen here aka United Utilities.

Here’s why this year’s BB contestants might find it helpful to keep drinking plenty of the tap stuff…

  • Improves your mental abilities

Keeping the body well hydrated helps to improve cognitive abilities and mental functions. Dehydration reduces the brain’s capacity for short term memory.

  • Expels toxins

Drinking an adequate amount of water removes water soluble toxins from the body by sweat and through the kidneys. Water flushes your system and cleanses the body clean of certain toxic waste products that tend to build up in tissues and organs.

  • Helps with weight loss

Drinking more water can help you lose those extra pounds as it delays the hunger pangs. As water fills the stomach, it tends to allay the sense of hunger, so you eat less. Plus water also increases the body’s metabolism, so it's win-win!

  • Improves physical performance

Studies have shown that good water intake keeps the blood more fluid and increases oxygen transport to the muscles which helps the heart to pump better. Drinking more water also keeps you energetic and less fatigued throughout the day.

  • Reduces the risk of heart attacks

Drinking more water helps to keep the blood more fluid. This helps prevent clot formation in blood vessels which supply the heart and the brain.

  • Improves bowel function

We know – not the prettiest body part to discuss, but sometimes it’s needed. Constipation is common in people who consume less than the adequate amount of water required. Doctors often advise their patients to increase their water consumption as a first step to prevention.