School nets funding windfall

Allonby Primary School has received a windfall of £1500, thanks to a donation from water company United Utilities and contractor C2V+.

United Utilities is working on a £4.5 million upgrade to its local sewer treatment works just off Allonby's coastline, which will help to drive up bathing water quality.

The scheme has now surpassed more than 30,000 accident free working hours, and the donation was made to the primary school to celebrate the milestone.

Stephen Dooley, United Utilities project manager said: "The improvements to the treatment works will help to boost the quality of Allonby's coastal waters. We're delighted to make this donation to the school to celebrate the excellent progress we have made on site. I'm sure the money will be wisely invested."

David Owen, Allonby Primary School's head teacher said: "We're extremely grateful for this donation. Our school council, which is made up of children from each key stage, will be deciding how to invest the money. A number of things are being considered, including interactive electronic display boards and improved playground markings. The children are excited about making the decision."

The United Utilities project will see a new underground tank installed at the treatment works, to capture more water during heavy rain, and reduce sewer spills. New bug-zapping UV (ultraviolet) equipment will also improve the quality of the treated wastewater, before it is returned to the coast.

The scheme will be completed by this spring.