First 'notable' spell of wintry weather expected

By Sean Robinson @seanrobinson_uu

After an exceptionally mild and wet start to the winter, a change in pattern is forecast over coming days for North West England with much colder weather in prospect next week.

December was dominated by a moist south-westerly airflow of tropical origin, with an active jet stream bringing frequent spells of wet and windy weather through the month.

Devastating floods hit parts of Cumbria, Lancashire and Greater Manchester with over three times the average monthly rainfall falling.

A new 24-hour rainfall record was also set, with a staggering 341mm falling at Honister Pass in Cumbria.

Higher parts of the region could be dusted in snow as the Met Office forecasts wintry showers.

And while conditions are not likely to become as extreme in the UK, it is set to turn noticeably colder in the coming week with many areas likely to see their first notable wintry spell of the season.

While many areas will see further showers or longer spells of rain, there will be an increasing risk of some snow across northern areas.

Into next week, low pressure will become more established North to north-westerly winds are therefore likely to become more dominant, drawing cold air down from the Arctic.

Weathermen are predicting widespread overnight frosts are possible, and showers could become wintry more widely with the risk of some snowfall to lower levels. 

The Met Office has teamed up with United Utilities to get the regions home ready for the cold weather, their official website was already predicting Oldham on Sunday with lows of -1C.

Temperatures are also predicted to plummet to 0C in parts of Liverpool with sleet and snow falling.

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The unsettled, wet and cold weather is expected to continue say the Met Office next week.