Put the kettle on, and let’s talk about water

If you live in Manchester or Lancashire, you might be surprised to learn that the cup of tea you’re drinking is probably made with water from the Lake District. If you’re in Merseyside or Cheshire, chances are your brew began life in North Wales. It’s something we don’t always think about, but customers are being invited to have their say on how United Utilities plans to provide a reliable and sustainable supply of water to them over the next 25 years and beyond.

Free weed wiper hire offer for farmers goes live in April

Farmers in the River Dee drinking water safeguard zone are being offered free hire of weed wipers which target weeds directly while leaving the valuable underlying crop unaffected.

Former Manchester apprentice scoops national award for his contribution to apprenticeships

Phil is dedicated to helping others progress up the career ladder through the apprenticeship route and this commitment has seen him pick-up a national award for his outstanding contribution to the development of apprenticeships at the inaugural ACC apprentice awards in Birmingham.
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Talking innovation with LMarks

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Meet Emma from LMarks, the corporate innovation specialists who we've teamed up with to run our co-creation Innovation Lab programme. We advertised the Lab to some 1,500 fledgling, small and large businesses, starting in Spring 2017. After receiving applications from 80 outlets we narrowed that down to a shortlist of 22 and in December they came from far and wide to a pitch day where the seven succesful applicants were selected. The seven partners for the Lab will be co-located and mentored by senior United Utilities business leaders and get access to test, improve and demonstrate their product/service in live customer environments to key experts and decision makers.

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Talking innovation with envirosuite

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Meet envirosuite, just one of seven businesses who are currently working with us as part of our co-creation Innovation Lab programme. The world gets smaller and better connected every year. As populations grow, industries and communities increasingly collide. This means regulations are only getting tighter, risks higher, and scrutiny more public. Now, thanks to social media, reputations built over years are destroyed overnight. It means getting to the source of environmental issues fast is no longer a ‘nice to have’ — it’s a must. Not knowing is no longer good enough. Envirosuite provides the most comprehensive and intuitive real-time monitoring, investigative and predictive environmental management software in the world. It’s the only solution available that offers the complete integration of odour monitoring, modelling, alerting, reporting, and incident management. Built on insights from 30+ years experience in environmental consulting, Envirosuite seamlessly converts data into action, enabling real action in real-time

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Talking innovation with Enging

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Meet Enging, just one of seven businesses who are currently working with us as part of our co-creation Innovation Lab programme. Enging is a Portuguese SME specialized on the development of innovative industrial asset condition monitoring solutions, focusing on the latest IOT technologies. The continuous work of Enging provides a paradigm shift in the maintenance industry, enabling the management of assets to be done in a much more economical, efficient and simple manner.

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North West Affordability Summit - 15 Jan 2018

"Blue Monday" 15 January 2018 - United Utilities hosts the first North West Affordability Summit at St George’s Hall, Liverpool. Bringing together many charities and organisations from across the region to address the issue of affordability.

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Vlogstar winner 2017

United Utilities set-up a vlogging competition, to tap into the teenage market to help spread the word that wipes are bad news for loos. We received some brilliant videos, but who was crowned Vlogstar champion 2017?

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