Joining the pension scheme

Our defined contribution (DC) section is open to all new colleagues here at United Utilities.

DC schemes work a bit like building society accounts. Every month your contributions are deducted from your pay, double-matched (for example if you pay 5% the company will pay 10%) by the Company and then paid into your pension pot. This is then invested in a fund selected for you by the experts who run our award winning Scheme. 

When you retire, your final pension will depend on the amount of money that has been paid into your DC pot and how your investments have performed over the years.

What are you missing out on...

Further details of the great benefits available to you when you join our scheme can be found in the Defined Contribution summary or by looking at our new video explaining how the DC section works.

I want to join the DC section

To join please complete the simple online form.

What happens if I don’t join?

You will not receive the company contribution. You would have to rely on the State Pension or you save in a different way for your retirement.

Saving for the future

How the DC scheme works