Thinking of retiring

At any time from age 55, you may begin to receive your DB pension (and DB lump sum) and access your DC pot

 The Hybrid booklet will provide further information on the options you have at retirement

  • What will I receive?

    Please see the Hybrid booklet in the information library for further details.

    Requesting a quote

    DB benefits: If you want a quote please log on to your pension details held with WTW (ePA). You will be able to run a quotation yourself through this facility.

    DC benefits: For an update on your DC pot please log on to the Aegon website

    If you then wish to leave the Company and take your pension benefits you will need to contact your line manager and formally put your request in writing. 

    If you wish to take your pension benefits but remain working for United Utilities you will need to complete an opt out form (or a switch form if you wish to take your DB benefits and join the DC section for future savings). A copy can be obtained by contacting WTW.

    Retirement sessions

    We run a half day ‘planning for retirement’ session for those employees over the age of 53. A link to the slides used in the session is provided shortly after you attend.

    You will also be able to attend a 'pre-retirement' course which provides useful information for people due to retire within 6 - 12 months.

    Contact us:

    WTW are the Scheme Administrators that you contact in the first instance if you wish to take your pension benefits, details below

    WTW, PO Box 545, Redhill, RH1 1YX Tel: 0113 394 9309 Email:


  • While we hope to remain in good health through our lives, it’s good to have the reassurance of ill health benefits included in the Hybrid section.

    You can take your DB pension benefits immediately if you meet the criteria for ill health retirement. 

    Find out more about this benefit in the Ill health benefits factsheet which is in information library.

  • Rule of 85 is a benefit available to defined benefit members of the Water Pension and Local Government sections

    It allows active members to receive an unreduced pension for service before 6 December 2006 if all the following conditions are satisfied:

    • they are aged 55 or over, and
    • their age plus number of years of pensionable service add up to 85 or more (i.e. they have attained their Rule of 85 date)
    • for retirements before age 60 they have Company consent -currently provided if they have given 12 months’ notice in writing.

     To receive rule of 85 benefits you must leave the Company.

    Find out more about this benefit in the Rule of 85 factsheet in the information library