Other pensions

DC scheme

If you have built up benefits in another pension scheme, you may have the option to transfer the value of those benefits into your UUPS DC pension pot.

If you decide to transfer pension benefits and AVCs in a previous employer’s scheme or a personal pension plan they will be added to your pension pot.

There are no charges or penalties for transferring benefits to the Scheme but you should check if there are any penalties from your previous scheme.

You can choose how any money transferred into your pension pot is invested in the same way you can choose for normal contributions. Details will be provided by BlackRock.

If you have any queries please contact the Scheme Administrator BlackRock in the first instance. BlackRock will deal with your query if possible or ensure that someone within United Utilities does so.

BlackRock Employee Savings Service Centre, PO Box 705, Peterborough, PE1 1ZL

Email: uk.ops@blackrock.com

Tel: 01733 353481