Rule of 85

This affects members of the Water Pension and Local Government sections of the United Utilities Pension Scheme (UUPS) only.

If you are 55 or over you may be able to retire from active service with an enhanced pension if:

• Your age + total years of qualifying service = 85 or more

What is the process?

If you wish to consider retiring on the Rule of 85 you will need to contact the Scheme Administrator who will provide you with figures.

If you then decide you want to retire you will need to speak to your line manager and give written notice (see below).

Shortly before your retirement date the Scheme Administrator will contact you to provide you with the forms to put your pension into payment.

What notice do I need to give to retire under Rule of 85?

If you’re 60 years old or over and have reached your Rule of 85 date, you only need to give the notice stated in your contract. This should be done in writing to your line manager.

If you’re under 60 years old and have reached your Rule of 85 date, you need to give 12 months’ written notice to your line manager.

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