Our purpose, vision and values

We are a purpose-driven organisation.

This is the reason we exist, and is what drives us to continually improve our performance and the creation of value. 

Our purpose is to provide great water and more for the North West. 

To deliver that purpose and work towards our vision of being the best UK water and wastewater company, we have a strategy that’s broken down into three strategic themes:

  • The best service to customers
    Supplying great water to homes and businesses, removing and treating wastewater behind the scenes. Developing our infrastructure in response to climate, population and lifestyle changes so we can deliver a service customers can rely on now and in the future. Responding to changes in customer behaviours so we are easy to do business with by phone, web or app.

  • At the lowest sustainable cost
    Delivering value for money through improved efficiency. Using new technologies and thinking from outside the water industry to find sustainable cost effective solutions. Supporting customers who are struggling to pay.

  • In a responsible manner
    Protecting and enhancing the natural environment in the North West in the way we deliver our services. Supporting local communities through partnerships and employee contribution. Supporting employees in a safe workplace and investing in their learning and development.

And our core values provide the cultural framework within which we operate:

  • Customer focused
    Customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we aim to provide a great and resilient service at the most efficient cost.

  • Innovative
    We continually look for new ways to make our services better, safer, faster and cheaper.

  • Trustworthy
    We make promises knowingly and keep them, behaving responsibly towards all of our stakeholders.