The world's first UV light reactor to clean water

To ensure the water is clean and safe for our customers to consume means we have to follow a particular process. Historically, we used mercury UV bulbs for the removal of compounds such as micro-organisms, odours or bacteria. Even though this process worked, we reviewed ways we could improve our techology to help us through our water treatment process. We also investigated a way of eliminating compounds to reduce the amount of energy and making it a safer process.

Typhon came to us as part of our Innovation Lab with the idea of utilising UV LED lights to replace the mercury UV by still meeting our treatment requirement standards. They would do this by building the world’s first reactor using UV LED lights. With utilising UV LED bulbs, it means this will have a lower voltage which ultimately reduces our power usage, it’s 90% more efficient than traditional bulbs, reduced maintenance and better for the health and safety of our colleagues who work on these sites.

We are proud to be the first water company that’s started to replace old bulbs with new LED ones and no other suppliers offer UV LED technology at this scale.

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