Reservoir Safety and awareness

We are responsible for over 180 reservoirs across the North West and we want to ensure that our customers and colleagues are safe at these locations. 

It’s important for us to continue spreading awareness of the hidden dangers of reservoirs and how we can keep people safe. Our graduates reviewed ways we could improve the safety measures we have in place by looking at our 10 most high risk reservoirs. They also worked with the fire service to trial how we can implement throwlines at these locations for emergency circumstances.

As well as focusing on our high risk reservoirs, the team also made sure that our signage at these sites were up to date with the correct emergency contact details. This helped us build strong relationships with the Fire and Rescue services. The team also reached out to 600 schools via an email campaign to raise awareness.

We are committed to continue working with the fire and rescue services on Reservoir Safety. This is a vital part of keeping the public safe by educating on the risks at these sites and what to do in an emergency. It’s important that we cover these aspects of our company to ensure we are delivering the best support and providing the right information to our customers, the public and our colleagues. You can find out more about Reservoir Safety here.