Making our wastewater process more efficient

As part of our wastewater process, we have to extract the sewage sludge from the water to make sure it meets our compliance and safety rules.

Nereda is a sludge process that was developed in Holland, which uses Granular Biomass to complete the procedure. The Granular Biomass uses heavier granules so that it settles faster rather than the conventional activated sludge which can take some time. We usually require two tanks to complete this process but with this type of granule, it can all be done in one tank which saves on resource and our engineers time on this process. By using the granular biomass, it means the removal of gasses involved in this process are all eliminated at the same time biologically rather than chemically.

This is huge for the water industry as not only does it reduce reliance on using chemicals, it also reduces our health and safety risks. Not only does this process help with the sludge process, it also provides us with monitoring, control and automated decision making. This helps us to centralise our processes meaning it’s easier for us to monitor and control.

We are proud to say that we were the first to run this pilot trial in the UK and we was able to prove this concept works in our Wastewater Treatment Works and is now been rolled out across our other sites.