Our journey

Aligned to the UN economic and social development goals (UNSDG’s), having an integrated culture throughout our supply chain is fundamental to the successful delivery of our strategic aims. This means extending our values beyond our own business and into the supply chain, recognising the supply chain as an extension of our operations and commitments, delivering critical services to our region and providing great water and more for the North West. You can find out more about this in our Responsible Business Principles.

USC is a fundamental step change in the way we are looking to engage our supply chain for the next five years to 2025. Moving beyond Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) or a standard engagement model, USC is about both committing to, and working with our supply chain to identify a better way forward. It is about gaining access to, and generating good ideas and new ways of working – moulding them into our organisational culture. It is also streamlining the way we share our messages and aspirations, building strong relationships with our supply chain in the process and constantly pushing for great water and more across the North West.

World in hands


Publication of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Suppliers using laptops

2016 - 2018

We launched our Sustainable Supply Chain Charter. Published our first Modern Slavery Statement and United Utilities became a partner to Supply Chain Sustainability School.

Hands together

2019 - 2020

With a high sign up rate for our charter and following positive work in areas such as carbon and modern slavery, we set out to further improve our approach.

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2020 - 2025

Launch of United Supply Chain, changing the way we engage with our supply chain for AMP7