Bid Assessment Framework

Our Bid Assessment Framework has been put in place to support the bidding market for water resources, demand management and leakage services.

The Framework provides a template for inviting and considering third party bids and comparing them against potential in-house solutions and builds on existing processes and obligations such as water resources planning requirements, procurement principles, and competition obligations, with a focus on ensuring consistency and transparency throughout the tendering process.

Set out within this Framework are details as to how a competitive tendering process will work and the principles, stages and requirements which both United Utilities and third parties will be required to follow and comply with to allow us to trade together.

Our proposal for this Bid Assessment Framework aims to complement the Water Resource Management Plan process by providing greater transparency on how third party bids/options are appraised and by inviting third parties to submit ideas, proposals and engaging in dialogue with us about potential solutions.

Our webpages on the Bid Assessment Framework cover the full detail of the process, FAQs and the ability to ask the team a question or submit and idea.

How to submit a bid

Click here to read our standard documentation and guides on completing tender returns. You can also submit your water resources or demand management ideas by completing our online form.

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