How to get paid on time

We're committed to paying our invoices on time, within the contract terms and processes. We have a programme of reviewing supplier payments, spotting trends and taking the appropriate actions. Supplier invoices can be presented incorrectly and early, leading to rework and not paying our suppliers on time.

Our core system is SAP and we currently have a three-way match between the purchase order, goods receipt and invoice details. We can further improve our invoice payments if you support our programme and follow our basic guidelines for purchase order payments.

The address for our purchasing team is below:

PO Box 487, 
Grasmere House,
Lingley Mere Business Park,
Lingley Green Avenue,
Great Sankey, 
WA5 3LP.

Suppliers with whom United Utilities procure goods, works or services will be registered on our vendor database. Suppliers with a valid vendor record will receive valid contractual documents and/or purchase orders before providing the goods, works or services to United Utilities. It is the responsibility of Suppliers to raise queries regarding any issue they may have regarding an order, inclusive of confirming that the details are correct and that they have indeed received a valid United Utilities order prior to the issue of goods especially. This includes that the order being made is by a United Utilities member of staff who is authorised to do so.

All queries relating to any payment or order related issues you may have should be directed to the Purchasing Team at

Guidelines Why payment may be delayed
Always ensure you have a valid purchase order number prior to providing goods, works or services. Quote the correct purchase order number on your invoices when submitting for payment.

No purchase order, no pay guidance - Invoices that do not quote a valid United Utilities purchase order number will be returned to you without payment

If you are asked to change the requirement once the purchase order has been issued, ensure you receive a new purchase order number before providing any additional requirements.

The new purchase order must be quoted on the invoices that are requesting payment for the additional requirements.

Invoices for additional requirements will be held for payment until a new purchase order number has been created.
Use the quantity, price and line details exactly as stated on the purchase order. If you feel this is incorrect, contact our purchasing team, the name and telephone number is on the purchase order. Payment is suspended until the prices and quantities on the purchase order and invoice match.
Ensure that the description on the invoice matches the purchase order. If the description is incorrect contact our commercial purchasing team, the telephone number is on the purchase order Payment may be delayed until clarification has been sought that the invoice does relate to the purchase order number quoted.

Only submit your invoice when goods have been delivered or work has been completed.

Invoices received for goods, works or services that have not been provided, will be returned to you without payment

Email your invoices / credit notes to

Where you are unable to email, send your invoices / credit notes direct to our Commercial purchasing team; PO Box 487, Grasmere House, Lingley Mere Business Park, Lingley Green Avenue, Great Sankey, Warrington, Cheshire, WA5 3LP.

Images of invoices attached to emails should be in PDF format.

If emailing more than one invoice in the same email, create a separate file attachment for each invoice.

Failure to attach separate files for each invoice or to post invoices direct to our Commercial purchasing team could result in late payment.

Address your invoice to the correct United Utilities legal entity address as quoted on the purchase order. 

Invoices that do not match the correct United Utilities legal entity will be returned to you without payment.