Water saving tips

Here are some really easy ways to save water in your home and garden. Remember, small changes make a big difference to the amount of water you use every day so why not give it a try? You’ll be surprised how much you can save (and if you have a water meter, you’ll reduce your water bill too).

Saving water in the garden couldn’t be easier, just swap tap water for rainwater by installing a water butt to catch all that lovely water, great for your plants and the wider environment – blooming marvellous!

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Water out of hours

Water your garden in the early morning or late evening, when less water is lost through evaporation.

Plan your garden

Try planting drought-resistant plants, such as Lavender. It looks great and doesn’t need a lot of water so you can save water and also time.

Ditch the hosepipe

Hosepipes use hundreds of litres of water an hour. Use a watering can for your plants, and a bucket and sponge for your car, and you’ll be doing the environment a good turn.

Use mulch for moisture

Add a layer of mulch (eg bark chips, manure) over your soil to help retain moisture and keep weeds at bay.

Spend a minute less

If each member of a family of four spent one minute less in the shower they could save approximately 48 litres of water a day!

Turn off the tap

Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth saves around six litres of water per minute. For a family of four, that could be as much as 96 litres a day!

Use a washing up bowl

Instead of letting the tap run for longer than it needs to, use a washing up bowl – you can reduce wasted water by up to 50 per cent!

Boil only what you need

People often overfill the kettle when they make a cuppa, think about it next time you make one just for yourself, and make your mantra: 'boil only what you need'.
Hot tub

Hot Tubs

An average 4 seater hot tub holds about 1,250 litres of water, while a larger 7 seater hot tub will hold around 3,000 litres. For comparison, an average household bath tub holds around 80 litres of water – so that’s up to 37 baths full of water, each time the hot tub is filled!

When it’s time to replace the water in your hot tub, be sure to reuse the existing water where you can, maybe in the garden – but just be sure to check it’s safe to do so.