Find leaks inside your home

Leaky loos lose loads!

One of the biggest culprits of leakage for home and business customers are modern push button toilet cisterns. Nearly 80% of all leaks reported to us last year were leaky loos!

A faulty cistern could be costing you as much as £400 a year in wasted water so it's really worth checking if this is the problem and getting it fixed.

Our video opposite explains more and you can order a FREE LeakyLoo strip from Get Water Fit! to check.

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Help repairing your leak

If you've found a leak inside your property and need a plumber to help repair it, you can find WaterSafe approved plumbers in your area to help you get it fixed. Click the button below for more.

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Other common causes of leaks

leaking pipes

Dripping indoor taps and/or pipes

Shower head

Dripping showers

Dripping tap

Dripping outside taps

Overflow pipe

Dripping overflow pipe (located outside)

water tank

Water tank leaks


Behind your washing machine and dishwasher

Also check radiators and behind any washing machines and dishwashers to make sure the water hoses are properly connected.

If you have an older toilet cistern, check the overflow pipe that goes through the wall to make sure it's not dripping. If it is, your cistern is faulty and needs repairing.

For help locating and fixing leaks, you can find WaterSafe approved plumbers in your area by clicking the button below.

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Leakage allowance

If you have a water meter and you repair the leak within 6 weeks, you may be entitled to claim for the cost of the water lost during the time you had the leak. You can read more and check if you are eligible here.

If you're a business customer, please read our leak allowance policy for business and retailer customers.

Has your bill increased?

If you have a water meter and your bill has increased, there are a number of reasons for this.

It could be because you have a leak, but you may also be using a lot more water than you normally would and don't realise.

Common reasons include having more people living in your home (such as children home from University, or someone is ill or staying at home more), you've been making home improvements or your previous bill was estimated too low.

Click here to troubleshoot why you might have seen an increase in your water bill.

Could you have a leaking outdoor supply pipe?

If your meter is located outside your home / business and you've checked your internal plumbing for any leaks but found nothing, then you might have a leak on your outside supply pipe.

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