Shareholder FAQ

If you have a shareholder query your question may be answered below:

Who are your Registrars?

Equiniti Limited Registrars manage the United Utilities share register. Contact details for Equiniti are available here.

I have moved, who do I need to tell?

If you have moved you need to inform our registrars. Information on how to contact our registrars is here.

It is important to remember that if you own shares in more than one company you will need to inform each registrar involved. Even if the registrar is the same, you will need to tell the registrar each of the companies that you hold shares in to ensure that all of your records are changed.

A shareholder has died, what should I do?

You will need to contact the registrar. If the shares were held in joint names they will automatically be transferred into the name of the surviving shareholder. Where the shares were held under one name, these may be transferred to another name. The registrars will inform you of any documentation that may be required.

When does United Utilities pay dividends?

United Utilities currently pays dividends twice a year. An interim dividend is normally paid in February and a final dividend is normally paid in August, subject to shareholder approval at the AGM. For more details see the events and financial news calendar.

If you have further questions relating to your holding of United Utilities shares (e.g. number of shares held, change of name, amalgamation of accounts, gift transfers) please contact Equiniti Limited Registrars.

Can I request company information in alternative formats?

If it would help you to receive shareholder communications in an alternative format - large print, braille or audio tape - please contact the registrar, Equiniti Limited, and give details of your name, address, shareholder account number and your preferred alternative format.

Can you provide information about dealing in United Utilities shares?

You can now buy or sell our ordinary shares using Equiniti's share dealing service (telephone:  0345 603 7037) or deal online.

Is there a method for dealing with shares tax efficiently?

Equiniti also offers a stocks and shares ISA for United Utilities shares, call 0345 300 043 or go to the shareview website

Can I donate shares to the ShareGift scheme?

Many shareholders can find themselves owning parcels of shares so small that it would cost more to sell them than they are worth. They may therefore appear to be too small to do anything with but may still bring a tax liability on dividends paid and unwanted documentation.

ShareGift is a charity (registered charity number 1052686) which specialises in accepting donations of small numbers of shares which are uneconomic to sell on their own. Shares which have been donated to ShareGift are aggregated and sold when practicable, with the proceeds passed on to a wide range of UK charities. Further details about ShareGift can be obtained from its website or by writing to:

ShareGift 17 Carlton House Terrace  London  SW1Y 5AH

 Telephone: 0207 930 3737

How can I avoid unsolicited mail from United Utilities?

The company is legally obliged to make its register of members available to other organisations. Because of this, you may receive mail you have not asked for. If you want to limit the amount of personally addressed unsolicited mail you receive, and you have a UK registered address, please write to:

Mailing Preference Service MPS Freepost LON20771  London  W1E 0ZT

Or register by telephoning: 020 7291 3310 or via the Mailing Preference Service website

If you have any further questions about your shareholding please contact:

Equiniti Limited (registrar) Tel: +44 (0)371 384 2041  Tel: +44 (0)371 384 2255 (textphone for shareholders with hearing difficulties)

 Alternatively you can contact United Utilities' Company Secretariat department via email