Our key factors

We serve the North West of England.

We are committed to understanding the key factors that make our region unique.

  • We are building resilience to continue serving our growing population and support jobs and the tourism industry.

    • 7.3 million population expected to grow significantly in the next 25 years

    • 22,700 jobs actively supported by our work, with over 5,000 direct employees

    • Tourism relied on by Lake District, Liverpool and coastal areas
  • We are leading the sector on affordability and vulnerability.

    • 41% of the most deprived areas in the country

    • 47% of households have less than £100 savings to cope with unexpected bills

    • 18% of households are affected by water poverty, 20% higher than the national average
  • We have a large coastline, protected rural areas and dense urban areas, all of which create different demands.

    • 30% of land is National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or Sites of Special Scientific Interest

    • 31 designated bathing waters

    • 830mm higher than average UK rainfall each year