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Small changes in how you use your water - from turning off the tap while brushing your teeth to not over-filling the kettle - can have a big impact. As well as doing your bit for the environment, you can save money too.

Also think about how often you heat water - around 16 per cent of your energy bills comes just from doing this - that's around £228 per year for a typical family. Consider those half empty dishwasher and washing machine cycles - we all do it. With just a few tweaks to how and when you heat water, you could send your gas and electricity bills tumbling - and also your water bill if you're on a meter.

For advice on saving water, download our guide to using water wisely.

Free Eco Shower Head

For a limited time only the easy to fit, self-cleaning shower head which saves around 7 litres of water per minute is FREE for United Utilities customers.

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Please note: the shower head is NOT suitable for electric showers, power showers or digital showers, and requires 0.5 bar water pressure

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