The water in your area

Providing our seven million customers with a constant supply of safe, high quality drinking water every day is thirsty work! We work around the clock, using our people, technology and the natural water cycle to make sure the North West's homes and businesses have the water they need to keep everything ticking along nicely.

In this section we’ve included some useful information on the tests we carry out on your water to keep it in tip top condition. You can also download a report about the quality of the water in your area by entering your postcode below.

Very occasionally, you may experience issues with your water such as discolouration, especially if we’re repairing a water main in your area following a burst. We’ve provided some advice to help you identify what could be causing a problem together with what you can do to help resolve any issues.  

If you want to know more about the water supplied in your area, just enter your postcode in the box below. It will tell you where your water comes from, as well as its chemical composition, including its pH (useful if you keep fish), and hardness (helpful if you’re plumbing in a new dishwasher). Enter your postcode in the box below and click submit. e.g. WA1 2BX.

The report details drinking water quality for a rolling 12 months period.  

To check that you live in our water supply area, take a look at this map of the regions we work in.

Check your water quality

To find out more information about the water quality in your area, enter your postcode in the box below and click submit

We have strict quality controls as we collect and treat the water and we also analyse hundreds of samples every day. We take these samples at random from water treatment works, reservoirs, supply points and our customers’ taps across the region to make sure the water is in tip-top condition. Then we record the test results on the Drinking Water Register. 

The Drinking Water Inspectorate is the regulator for water quality, providing independent reassurance that water supplies in England and Wales are safe and drinking water quality is acceptable to consumers.

You can find more information about what's in your tap water here

Re-opening your business?

Water quality advice for businesses who’ve been closed during COVID-19.

Read our advice