Looking after water in your home

It's our job to get water safely to your home, but there are things you can do to ensure that the water you drink, cook with and wash in is of the very best quality.

You can find out more information below including hints and tips to help overcome any problems you may experience in your home.

Here are our top tips to keep your house stain, slime and mould free


Cleaning products

Our faves for targeting unwanted build up are: bleach (mild solution), bicarbonate of soda, cleaning cloths and some elbow grease


Keep your kitchen and bathroom ventilated

Bacteria and mould love a damp environment, so improve the ventilation, leave a window open for a while or fit an extractor fan.


Check your water fittings

Check the quality of your fittings, such as taps, aerators and showerheads in case they’re ready for an upgrade.


After cleaning, wash your used cloths

Damp flannels or dishcloths provide a breeding ground for bacteria. Wash and dry them after use.

How to clean different areas of your house

  • You may have black or pink stains, slime or mould on or in your washing machine soap drawer or around the door seal. If so wipe with a mild bleach solution, or if possible remove the soap drawer following manufacturer’s instructions and wash in hot soapy water.

  • To keep your toilet in top condition – use bleach to get ride of any slime or mould in your loo, scrub with a toilet brush until sparkling.

  • If you find bits in your water which are slimy to touch, you'll need to clean your taps.

    Scrub with a mild bleach solution, especially around the tap spout – be sure to rinse well. Leaving even the smallest amount of bacteria will cause the problem to return.

  • You may notice black or pink stains, slime or mould in your bathroom or kitchen:

    • In or around the sinks and baths
    • The grout between tiles
    • On taps
    • On showerhead

    Whilst not necessarily harmful to your health, this staining can be unsightly and is easy to deal with and prevent with regular cleaning and ventilation.

    Remember, leaving even the smallest amount will cause the problem to return.