Please find some of our more frequently asked questions below. 

  • How often will you be reporting on your performance with retailers?

    We tailor both report and meeting frequency depending on the needs of the retailer and the number of SPIDS registered and /or service requests generated by that retailer

  • What communication lines do you use during incidents and unplanned events? (Both customer and retailer)

    Where neccessary, we communicate directly with affected customers during an incident or unplanned event.  We notify each retailer of impacted customers in line within the 2 business day market SLA. This is then followed up with a further notification once the incident or event has being resolved and closed.

  • Do UU provide text blasts (or similar service) to end customers regarding events?

    We do not currently use text blasts but may look to review that decision in the future.

  • What is the timeline for publishing charges?

    We publish details of our Wholesale Charges in accordance with Ofwat tariff setting rules as summarised below:

    • Final charges published 11 weeks before the relevant charging period

    • Indicative charges published 3 months prior to the publication of final charges

    • Notification of significant changes must be made to retailers 6 months prior to final charges
  • How will retailers access the HVI / API?

    Further information on the HVI can be found here

  • How will service requests be routed into your Wholesale Service Desk?

  • Will I receive an automated response when I have submitted a form?

    Retailers will receive a transaction ID if their query is submitted through the forms portal. 

    If the query is sent directly to our Wholesale Service Desk the retailer will receive an acknowledgement with their case management (JIRA) reference number. 

    If a retailer wants us to add further attachments or information to a case they must quote the transaction ID or the JIRA case reference number. 

  • Which e-mail address do you reply to when a market form is submitted?

    We submit all responses to the e-mail address you have logged with us as your operational mail-box. To check which e-mail address we are using, or to change the e-mail address for notifications to be sent, please contact your Relationship Manager. 

  • How does a form make it through submission but get rejected at boundary, does the retailer not get prompted when they are filling the form?

    The portal does not allow a form to be submitted if the mandatory fields are not completed, however where they are filled in incorrectly the form cannot get through the boundary as it checks the ‘completeness’ of data and that the correct data structures have been entered.

  • How do I submit a general enquiry?

    Retailers can submit a general query using Market Form F/01.

  • Are there instances where a case would be closed and the retailer would not be notified?

    No, we notify the retailer of all updates to cases via their nominated email address.

  • Do you notify a retailer when you have raised a wholesaler driven job such as meter exchange?

    If wholesale identify the need to complete proactive exchange work we update the retailer using the appropriate market process as well as submitting the relevant transactions to CMOS.

  • Do retailers get notified when an engineer cancels or is going to be late?

    We provide updates and resolution by email to the retailers operational email address.

  • Are you proposing to offer Vacant and Gap incentive payments?

    We are offering both vacant and gap site incentive payments from April 2020.

  • How do I escalate something?

    Please contact the Wholesale Service Desk on 0345 026 4189 in the first instance.

  • Do you provide a meter reading service?

    With effect from 4th January 2021 United Utilities Water are offering a meter reading service to retailers that operate within the United Utilities Water region. Click here for more information about the service.

  • Do you allow Accredited Entities to operate in your area?

    Retailers operating in United Utilities area can appoint an accredited entity to undertake temporary disconnections for non-payment on meters. Full details can be found here 

  • Do you offer any Alternate Eligible Credit Support arrangements?

    Yes, further information can be found here.

  • Do you have a water and wastewater guide for business customers?

    Yes, we have produced a leaflet to make sure that business customers understand their responsibilities and what they can do to protect their business in the event of any water supply issues or service interruptions.