WIRSAE (Accredited Entities)

United Utilities supports the appointment of Accredited Entities by a retailer to carry out the following;

  • Temporary disconnections (for non-payment) and reconnections on meters <=40mm
  • Meter exchanges for existing 15mm and 20mm manifold meters for;
  • Meter exchange for B4 – Meter accuracy test performed by AE
  • B6 – Repair or replacement of a faulty meter performed by an AE

Any Accredited Entity appointed to undertake this work must hold the relevant scope as administered by the Lloyd's Register.

Disconnections undertaken by an Accredited Entity must be carried out in line with;

As part of our addenda, we do not require any advance notice of the disconnection and the Accredited Entity may perform the disconnection on their initial visit. The Accredited Entity may visit a premises at any time, however there are some restrictions on when disconnections can take place. For the B4 and B6 metering processes, the Retailer will send advanced notice in line with the market service levels to WholesaleServiceDesk @uuplc.co.uk.

Prior to commencing any works, the Accredited Entity must have undertaken an on-board meeting with United Utilities for each individual scope. The on-board meeting covers all aspects of our operational requirements (PDF 192KB opens in a new tab) and must be arranged by the appointing Retailer each time an Accredited Entity is employed to undertake works for the first time in  the UU region under a scope.