How to claim for a leak allowance

Metered customers are able to claim the cost of the water lost during a leak on your internal or external pipework, if you meet the criteria set out below:

Are you eligible to claim an allowance?

You will only be eligible to make a claim if:

  • This is the first claim you have made at your current property*;
  • You have repaired the leak yourself within 6 weeks of discovering it or we have done the repair ourselves (on our equipment or pipework).

We can't grant an allowance if:

  • You have been using more water, but it's not due to a leak (for example, someone staying with you leading to an increase in your water use).
  • You were aware of the leak, but you didn't take prompt action to repair it
  • The leak was caused by your negligence

What to do if you are eligible

  • You need to repair the leak
  • Once the leak has been repaired take a meter reading.
  • After 14 days please take another meter reading.
Claim your allowance


You can also download a copy of the leak allowance application form here (PDF 157KB opens in a new window)

What happens once I have completed the form

We will work out the amount of water that was lost during the time you had a leak:

  • We will deduct your normal usage from the amount of water recorded during the period of the leak
  • We will then apply the difference between the two figures as an allowance on your account – this will be offset against any balance on your account
  • We can often make an adjustment on the sewerage part of the bill too. That’s because sewerage charges are based on your water usage.

Please note: Any refund will be added to your next bill.

If you are registered for our My Account service or mobile app you will be able to see when the allowance has been added to your account.

*You are eligible for one internal leak and one external leak at your current property. If another leak occurs at this property, you may be eligible for a further allowance against sewerage charges if the water running to waste does not enter the sewer network.