Unmetered customers

Your bill

Find out about our services and how we calculate your bill by viewing our video, or scroll down to read an overview.

Your bill explained

When you look at your bill, you will see charges for the following services:

We normally send you a bill once a year showing your charges for the year ahead.

As you don’t have a water meter, your charges are fixed for the year and are not based on the amount of water you use. Instead, we use the ‘rateable value’ of your home to calculate your bill.

Rateable values were set by the Inland Revenue prior to 31 March 1990 and were based on factors such as the size, condition and location of your home. As we didn't set these values, we are not allowed to change them.

We calculate your annual bill by multiplying your home’s rateable value with a charge for each of our services.

Your standing charge is a fixed charge for the year and isn’t based on your rateable value.

Our charges are updated every year on 1st April – you can find all our up-to-date charges using the following link:

Our charges

Would you save money with a meter?

If your home has a high rateable value then your bills will also be high. If this is the case why not see if you could reduce your bill by switching to a water meter.

Cheaper with a meter