Payments that fit around your life…with Pay As U Go

Image of a customerOur Pay As U Go scheme is ideal for customers who:

  • Want more control over the amounts they pay
  • Would like the flexibility of paying whenever they wish
  • Are comfortable making payments on our app or online

A new way of managing your water bills

Not everyone is lucky enough to be paid regularly. Some people would rather have more control over the amounts they pay and when, so it better reflects their particular circumstances. That’s why we’re introducing a new way of keeping on top of your water bills.

Payments that suit you, not us

Our Pay As U Go scheme offers a more flexible approach to paying your bill. Now, instead of paying the same amount on the same day every month, you have the option to pay different amounts whenever you wish to suit your circumstances:

  • Just been paid today? It’s a good opportunity to make a larger payment.
  • Not being paid for another two weeks? Just make a small payment to keep you ticking over until payday.
  • Paid weekly? Good opportunity to make payments once a week

Finally, a way to pay your water bill which fits around your life.

How it works

Every three months we’ll set you a payment target – you can then spread your payments over the 12 weeks to make sure you meet that target. We’ll send you regular reminders so that you’re always up-to-date on what you’ve paid and how much you still need to pay to achieve your target so that you don’t fall behind.

When you register we’ll ask you to download our app as it’s the easiest way to make payments in just a few seconds whenever you wish.

Ready to Pay As U Go?

Call us now on 0800 072 6765. We’ll ask you a few questions before we sign you up, just to make sure Pay As You Go is right for you.