We understand that you may sometimes require an additional water supply outside of our normal supply arrangements. That’s where a standpipe can be the ideal solution as they provide a supply of water where there isn’t one currently available. 

As the water company for the North West, we have an obligation to ensure that our customers’ drinking water is protected, therefore you can only connect to our water network using an approved standpipe.   

These standpipes are fitted with a double-check valve that prevents water re-entering the water mains together with a device which records the amount of water used for billing purposes.  

The approved supplier of standpipe hire services in the region is Aquam Water Services. So please contact either:

Aquam Water Services

United Utilities who will contact Aquam Water Services on your behalf

Hired standpipes must only be connected to an outlet shown outlet shown on the Aquam 'safe hydrants' app found in the App Store or Google Play, or on our designated hydrant map (ArcGIS Web Application).