Suspected hydrant misuse

We understand that some of our business customers may sometimes require an additional water supply outside of our normal supply arrangements. That’s why we offer a comprehensive standpipe hire service. These freestanding standpipes are fitted with a tap and can be attached to a hydrant to provide a water supply where there isn’t currently one available.​

Whilst we have many business customers that have been given permission to connect to our network of pipes, there are a number of people that don’t have permission. Every time someone takes water from our network without permission, or does so outside of the terms and conditions of our standpipe hire policy, they have the potential to effect the water supply to our other customers in the area.

Discoloured water

Some customers may notice that their water doesn’t come out of the tap with quite as much force (less pressure). Others may find that the water may appear a light, straw-yellow colour to a dark brown. Both of these issues should resolve on their own, once the user disconnects from the water supply. For more information on discoloured water, you can visit our website.

Have you seen someone connected to the water network that you think shouldn’t be?

Rest assured that at United Utilities we take all reports of suspected hydrant misuse very seriously.

You can send your query through to us here. The more information you are able to provide us, the better we will be able to investigate your query. 

The key information we need is:

  • Date, time and location of the event
  • Name of the company connected to the water supply*
  • What was witnessed
  • Photo or video evidence of the connected standpipe

*Please note that we are unable to use vehicle registration numbers to identify users of unknown companies

Once submitted your query will now go through our network investigation process and where necessary appropriate action will be taken. Unfortunately we are unable to provide updates on the outcome of our investigations, but on some occasions we may need to contact you in the future should we require any further information that we think you might be able to provide.

You can download our ‘Protecting your drinking water - suspected hydrant misuse’ leaflet here.