Protect your home this winter

Insulating your water pipes will protect them from freezing, bursting and flooding your home.

Protect your home from the cold

ITV weather's Jo Blythe and Kerrie Gosney gives us top tips on how to prepare for winter.

A Winters tale

Don’t lag behind

Wrap your pipes with lagging to prevent them from freezing (or even bursting) this winter. Pay attention to the pipes in the garage, loft, or those outside your home, as these are the ones most likely to freeze when the temperature drops.

Your local DIY store should have everything you need and don’t forget to use waterproof lagging for outdoor pipes. Pipe lagging is cheap and easy to fit. So you can be ready for winter in no time!

Not sure what or how to lag? Watch our DIY expert Craig Phillips show you how.

Need a plumber?

If you've got a burst pipe, we'll point you in the direction of your nearest qualified plumbers and heating specialists.

Need a plumber?

Find your stop tap and check that it works

Your stop tap controls the flow of water into your home. It’s usually found under the kitchen sink, or sometimes in the cellar or garage. It’s handy to know where it is so you can turn the water off quickly if your pipes freeze or burst.

Found it? Make sure your stop tap is working. It's also worth checking if your household Insurance covers burst pipes.