Stay safe at our reservoirs

We want to keep all visitors to our reservoirs safe.

Reservoirs can be extremely dangerous.

Points to remember to keep you safe…

  • Deep water and steep sides, reservoirs are very deep with sudden drops and steep sides, making it difficult to get out
  • Remote locations – it may be difficult for emergency services to help anyone in trouble
  • Strong currents caused by machinery under the water
  • Cold water shock can take your breath away and lead to panic and death – reservoirs are very cold

60 Seconds of Summer

Watch the trailer for ’60 Seconds of Summer’ a play about 13 year old Dylan Ramsay from Chorley who tragically lost his life in open water.

The dangers of swimming in reservoirs

Paul Philips, Northern Catchment Manager, tells the real life story of when a young boy drowned in front of his family at Thirlmere Reservoir. He urges everyone to warn their family and friends of the dangers of swimming in reservoirs.

No peeking!

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