When will you read my meter?

We try to read your water meter every six months, but the date depends on when we are next reading meters in your area.

All the new meters we fit these days allow us to take readings remotely, which means we won't need to call round in order to take a reading.

If you have an old style meter inside your home you will need to let us in so we can take a reading. We'll post a card through the letterbox if you are not in when we call round.

You can also submit a meter reading online or via our smartphone app.

If you have just had your meter installed, you'll receive your first bill shortly after we take your first meter reading, which will be within six months of the meter being fitted.

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How do I read my water meter?

To take a meter reading, just read the black numbers only - advice can be found here

How often will you send me a bill if I have a water meter?

If you have a water meter, we send you a bill every six months for the water you have used.

How can I pay my bills if I have a water meter?

We offer a range of flexible ways for you to pay your bills.