Key retailer forms


United Utilities offer a HVI channel for form messaging which is a gateway for retailers to send non-household form data in MOSL-specified format to UU. The HVI is only available to a retailer that has a contract with United Utilities Water Ltd to distribute water and/or wastewater services in the Northwest and has undergone the on-boarding process. Your Relationship Manager will provide you with the technical specifications, test approach and terms & conditions upon request.

A/05 - Application to be registered as the Retailer to a newly connected supply point
B/01 - Request for wholesaler to carry out metering work
B/03 - Request for Non-Market Meter Read to be carried out by the Wholesaler
C/01 - Verification of meter details or meter supply arrangements
C/02 - Gap site supply point request and addition of service components
C/03 - Request for deregistration of a supply point or removal of service components
C/04 - Request for Wholesaler to amend third party reference(s)
F/01 - Enquiries including record of drinking water enquiries
F/02 - Complaints
G/01 - Trade effluent enquiries
G/02 - Trade effluent discharge application (word)
G-03 - Temporary trade effluent discharge application (word)
H/01 - Request for an allowance to wholesale charges for a change to an existing allowance
H/03 - Request for a review of assessed or unmeasured charges
H/04 - Application for change in tariff
I01 - Retailer disconnection request
I02 - Non-household customer disconnection
I03 - Request for wholesaler to use wholesaler’s powers of entry for the purposes of disconnection
I04 - Request for reconnection of a supply which has been temporarily disconnected
RE/01 - Metering Activity Request Form (excel)
RE/02 -  Access request - network data management loggers (excel)
RE/03 -  Standard export file request - network data management loggers (excel)
Wholesale Chargeable area review application form (word)
General enquiry form (word)
MR chase form
TRA01 - Notice of application for a temporary discharge or regional mobile activity
How to make a claim for loss of profit

Retailer hints and tips

We have created a hints and tips document to assist retailers with form completion, capturing all of the required information first time & therefore reducing rejections.

We hope you find it useful and would welcome feedback along with any content you would like to see in the future.