New for old…we’re replacing miles of water pipes

Reservoirs, aqueducts, treatment works and a network of over 42,000 kilometres (around 26,000 miles) of water pipes help us to provide water to homes and businesses right across the North West region.

We work around the clock to make sure that you have high quality water for your morning shower or to enjoy a great brew, but we know that in some areas of our region the older water pipes are more prone to bursts, or natural minerals that settle at the bottom can sometimes cause your water to become discoloured.

We’re carrying out a huge programme of work to refresh, clean or replace over 6113 kilometres (around 3799 miles) of water pipes – so you have a reliable, safe and clean water supply - right to your tap.

We do understand that this type of work can be disruptive, and that’s why our teams will do all they can to minimise any inconvenience as we upgrade the old pipes for nice new modern ones.

We would love to hear from you

We're aware when things don't go so well and we'll always try to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.  The thing is, we don't always get to find out when our team have really made a difference to keep you updated or helped you while we're installing the new pipes. The WOW! Awards are the only national customer service awards based purely on nominations. We're always trying to improve the service we give to our customers and it would be great if you could help us recognise this with our teams. It won't take long, so if you have a few moments, follow this link to the WOW! Awards and we'll make sure your comments are passed through to the team.

You can find out more information about our pipe replacement work in your area from the drop-down tabs below or check out details about our pipe cleaning programme here.

Don’t worry, with all our programmes of work we’ll make sure we keep you updated before the work takes place, so you know how this may affect you. 

Royal Mail delays: We're aware that there are still some transportation or sorting office delays that are impacting our information arriving. We're really sorry if this affects you and our planning team are sending out the communications as quickly as possible to try and allow for any potential delays through the postal system.

We're currently replacing water pipes in Bury, Liverpool, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport and Whitchurch. We're also planning our next programme of work to replace pipes in Audlem, we'll provide updates once we have confirmed programmes in place. As our plans develop we’ll update this information with details of other areas too.

  • You may have noticed our team carrying out surveys in the area as we planned our project to replace the old water pipes.

    We're expecting to start our project in early October.  The work will be carried out in stages and is expected to take around 16 weeks to complete.

    The overview map illustrates the pipes we're planning to replace.

    Before the work begins, and as the team progress, we'll make sure we keep the community updated.

    If you have any queries, please get in touch quoting project number 80063259AVO and we'll be happy to help.

  • Town centre and Redvales 

    Latest update: We’re now ready to continue our programme of work in your area to renew the old water pipes which can be prone to bursts or causing discoloured water and replace them with new modern plastic ones. We'll be in touch as further details of the programme are confirmed. The work is expected to be complete by spring 2023. 

    If you have a query and need to get in touch about this work, please quote reference 80063259-AVO.

    Summerseat, Walmersley and Chesham

    Latest update: Surveys have established that the pipes are already made of a suitable material and do not need to be replaced. The team are now planning a pipe cleaning programme and we'll be in touch as soon as the details are confirmed.  You can find further information about what the pipe cleaning involves here 



  • We're carrying out a programme of pipe replacement work in the Aigburth area which began in November 2021.

    As the team progress with installing the sections of new pipe and planning the remaining programme of work, we’ll make sure the community are kept updated about how this may affect you. 

    The overview map illustrates the pipes we’re planning to replace and we expect the work will be completed in winter 2022.

    Latest update: 

    Aigburth Road: We do understand this is a key traffic route and will be working in sections of between 50 - 100 metres.

    There will be a lane closure around our working area, additional traffic management at junctions and temporary bus stop and parking suspensions. Thanks for your patience, we'll do all we can to keep disruption to a minimum. 

    We also have teams working on Fulwood Lodge and Fulwood Park.

    If you have a query and need to get in touch about this work, please quote reference 80063259-MWS.


  • We're carrying out a programme of pipe replacement. The overview map indicates the areas where we'll be working.

    Latest update: We're currently working to install new pipes on Denton Lane.

    If you have a query and need to get in touch about this work, please quote reference 80063259-MWS.

  • Since November 2021 we've been carrying out a programme of water pipe replacement in Rochdale.

    We're working in phases and the overview map illustrates the pipes that we’re planning to replace. We expect all the work will be completed in winter 2022. 

    Latest update: We're currently working to install new pipes on Daventry Road, Gisburn Drive, Melbourne Road and Kildare Crescent.

    Traffic updates: 

    As the team work on Melbourne Road and The Strand, we'll need to have a temporary road closure in place so the work can be carried out safely. We do understand this will be inconvenient, diversions will be clearly signed and we really appreciate your patience and understanding. We'll re-open the roads as quickly as possible.

    We'll make sure the community are kept updated as we move through the project and will provide advance notice if we need to turn off your water for a short while.

    Thanks for your patience, if you have a query and need to get in touch about this work, please quote reference 80063259-NWP.

  • In mid-June, we started work to replace sections of water pipe along Lodmore Lane, Whitchurch Road and Royals Green Lane - as detailed in the overview map. The work is carried out in stages, which we expect will take around 16 weeks to complete.

    We're currently working in the following locations:

    Royals Green Lane: 8 August - 16 September 

    Whitchurch Road: 5 September - 25 November

    Traffic updates: There's a temporary road closure on Royals Green Lane so the work can be carried out safely. Thanks for your patience and we’ll keep the local community updated as our work progresses.

    If you have any queries, please get in touch quoting project number 80063259AVO and we’ll be happy to help.

  • We’ll work in phases and the method we use to install the new pipes is dependent on a variety of different factors which will involve one of the two methods below. 

    • Inserting a new durable pipe inside the existing cast iron water main (known as sliplining) means we won’t need to dig as many holes. The team will dig down at specific locations and feed the new pipe inside,  before connecting the new sections together. 
    • Removing sections of the existing cast iron water main and replacing with a completely new pipe.  This method will be a little more disruptive as it requires a continuous trench to be dug. 

    The type of equipment and machinery we need to use will create noise and vibrations, so we really do appreciate your patience. We'll also need to create some temporary areas to accommodate equipment, materials and the welfare facilities for our team. 

  • When we’re replacing the pipes in your road, we will need to turn off your water for a short period (normally a few hours) and this may be required on several occasions as we're replacing the pipes in sections.

    We know this will be inconvenient and will make sure it’s off for as little time as possible - and not before you’ve had time to have a shower or get your families breakfast sorted before everyone heads off to work or school. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know the date and times in advance, usually by letter or a notification card. 

    When our teams are ready to connect your home or business to the new pipe there will be a much shorter period, just normally for around 10 minutes or so and someone from our site team will let you know when they are ready to complete the connection work. 

    Once we’re all done, you may notice your tap water may be a little discoloured. This would be temporary, it’s nothing to worry about will quickly return to normal. We’re really sorry if you experience this, it’s important that you take simple steps to help resolve and we have a guide to help clear discoloured water. 

  • Roadworks…we know they’re a pain, but the old water pipes are often located in the road, so we’ll need to put some temporary traffic management in place while we’re working to keep you and our team safe.  

    This may just involve traffic lights and lane closures however, in some instances it may require temporary road closures to be in place.  As long as it’s safe, we’ll do all we can to maintain access to your home or business, but if you normally park on the road, we may need you to temporarily move your car – just so our team can install the new pipes as quickly as possible.

  • Thanks for your patience and cooperation, our site team will be happy to help answer your queries. You can also contact us via our social media channels or call us on 0345 672 3723 and we’ll be happy to help. If you do need to get in touch, please provide the project number which will help our customer advisor route your query to the correct team.