Reporting pollution

On rare occasions, sewage from sewage pipes can flow into rivers/streams. If we find an instance of wastewater pollution then we need to investigate the cause, inform the Environment Agency and resolve the issue.

If you suspect sewage pollution, call us immediately on: 0345 672 3723. Please make note of what you saw, where and when as we'll need this information when investigating the report.

Common signs of sewage pollution are:

Wet wipes, toilet paper or other sanitary products in a river, steam or on the coast

Soap suds, grey ‘sewage fungus’ or cloudy, milky water in a river/stream

Distressed fish

Sewage water smell

Human waste and sewage water in a river or stream

Other signs of potential pollution include:

  • Traces of petrol or diesel in a river/stream
  • Oil residue in a river/stream