Retailer metering

United Utilities Wholesale metering team is responsible for the specification, installation, maintenance and upkeep of over 1.3 million water meters….and growing.

The team defines and develops strategies for meter replacement, maintenance and meter installation.

The wholesale metering team look after our medium and longer term metering strategies, meter specifications and our metering policies. We represent UUW on national working groups and keep abreast of any changes in guidance or regulatory requirements.

We also have a small team of highly skilled meter technicians who look after some of our company’s key assets and we are heavily involved in helping shape our business to deal with Market Reform, so we are able to offer a high level of service to multiple retailers.

Contract performance and business support manage the contracts for meter supply and meter maintenance. The meter maintenance contract covers the fitting of new meters and replacing broken or old meters.

The team manage the day to day performance of contractors and ensure that appropriate contract performance monitoring, reporting and analysis are in place to ensure key performance indicators are met.

Metering Policies

  • Allowable UU Meter locations
  • Gaining entry to eligible premises
  • Notional downsizing of a UUW water meter
  • Supply check and meter verification
  • Compulsory metering policy (B1 process)
  • Installing retailer equipment on a UUW meter
  • Reconnection following temp disconnection for non-payment
  • Temp disconnection for non-payment
  • Meter sizing policy
  • Meter maintenance policy
  • Meter networks (master/sub-structure)

Metering Catalogue

The metering document contains a catalogue of water meters which are approved by United Utilities Water (UUW) for fiscal use, and these meters may be selected by a new Water Supply Licensee (WSL).

All water meters will be provided by UUW. We will not accept the installation of any alternative water meter as a fiscal meter.

The WSL will have a role in selecting the preferred meter to be used.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions documents may be useful:

  • Access to UUW Network Management Data Loggers
  • Access to Data Logger Information on a UUW water meter
  • Installation of UUW pulse unit /splitter on behalf of a Retailer onto UUW water revenue meters
  • Installation of Retailer Equipment onto UUW water revenue meters

Meter Reading Services

United Utilities Water offers a commercial meter reading service which is available to all Retailers operating within the United Utilities Water region. Further information can be found here.

Meter installations at existing unmeasured properties (B1)

This guidance document (PDF 1.73 MB opens in a new tab) provides some basic guidance on what we require to be able to successfully install a meter to an existing unmeasured Non Household Property. However each property is surveyed individually and many factors can determine whether a meter can be installed – any decision on meter size, location and feasibility to install a meter will be determined during the site survey.

Data Logging

To align to the RWG industry Good Practice Guide we are implementing a process allowing customers and their representatives to apply directly to us if they want to fit their own logger to our meter. The application form (RE/01/TP) can be found on the key forms page.

More information about the RWG Good Practice Guides and a copy of the Data Logging Guide can be found on the MOSL website